Cancer Woman

The sentimental and gentle Cancer girls are dedicated to love and they are highly exclusive. With the hysterical side, they are easily hurt and would keep their hearts closed once unhappy. Cancer women are of strong mothering instincts and compassionate yet self-centered and selfish. Despite the passion and persistence for love, they have no courage to express though wild inside. Sometimes, they can be stubborn, changeable, impatient and narcissistic. Also, they are of strong national awareness and even would resist the established order.

Cancer girls are natural pessimists who need more security. They can easily get into a panic and are very suspicious. Once you fall in love with a Cancer girl, you will find she is emotional and blow hot and cold on you, so give her more time and more trust and security.

Caring and Family-oriented

Of great mothering instincts, Cancer women are gentle and compassionate to others. They are born caring and like to protect the weak; as long as someone around needs help, they would take the initiative to offer help. They are as gentle and loving as a mother to relatives, friends, and even strangers, thus most deserving the title of good wife and good mother in the twelve zodiac signs. Nowadays, boundary between man and woman is getting more and more blurred, so Cancer girls are very attractive to men due to their unique charm of traditional women. Every man wants to marry a fair maiden. Cancer girls are just the right choice. They are known for their family-orientation and tend to be good wives who are considerate to their husbands and attach great importance to family.

Competent and Dedicated

Women of Cancer sign are highly insightful, delicate and sentimental and feature the above-average imagination, thus suit the art industry. They know how to make monkey and have high ability. Although they could take complete charge if choose to work, they are willing to compromise for their family. They'd even sacrifice everything for the happiness in love and family. Such kind of loyalty, tradition and nostalgia endows them with a mysterious charm beyond expression.

Highly Dependent

Although Cancer women like to protect the weak, they are also extremely insecure inside and like to rid the helplessness and anxiety by relying on others. Due to the delicate feeling and rich imagination, they are doomed to be pessimistic and can be sad at any time and insatiably longing for the care of others. In reality, however, no one can give them enough security, so they often get caught up in panic and suspicion. This makes their boyfriends quite helpless.

Willful and Stubborn

Despite the good popularity, Cancer women usually form a small circle and lack the open mind inclusive to others. Besides, they are fragile, sensitive and emotional - happy in the last minute but sad in the next. They are so introverted, shy and poor in expression that their men can only guess what's on their minds. The matey Cancer women are less motivated but willful and stubborn and they would stick to their own opinions no matter how.
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