The Mythology of Capricorn

Pan the Shepherd God was very ugly and he was in charge of flocks and herds for Zeus, but he never dared to sing with the gods; he had a crush on the fairy who played the harp in the temple but dared not confess to her. All of these were just because of his ugly appearance. Pan was shy and self-abased and had almost no supernatural power, thus little known in heaven.
No one knew his hot heart under the ugly mask and no one was willing to approach him to listen to his beautiful flute sound. At the end of the Milky Way, there was a lake which no one dared to approach because the water was cursed and anyone stepped into the lake would become a fish and never change back. However, Pan was not afraid because he clearly knew that no one would care about him even if he was in the liveliest place. Therefore, he played flute at the lake side and perhaps the fairy would hear him!
One day, the gods were enjoying a banquet together but Typhon, a monster with one hundred heads living in the dark forest, suddenly broke in! The monster roared and moved mountains and no one could defeat it, so the gods fled away. The fairy playing the harp was scared and just stood there with no idea. Typhon ran to the fairy but the timid and shy Pan jumped out suddenly. He picked up the fairy and the monster caught up behind. Pan knew he could not escape from the monster and suddenly thought of the lake, so he ran to the lakeside. Typhon also knew that the lake was cursed and he thought Pan was stupid.
However, Typhon never expected that Pan would jump into the lake and stood in the center of the lake with the fairy high above. The monster had no idea but gave up. After Typhon left, Pan moved to the lakeside carefully and put down the fairy who was grateful and wanted to pull him up. However, the lower body of Pan had changed into the fish. Zeus created the Capricorn according to the image of Pan. Therefore, Capricorn people are just like Pan and they are rigorous and conservative and have their unique understanding of happiness.
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