Capricorn Man

On the whole, Capricorn men are lonely and seldom show their true feelings. They are often heavyhearted and wandering in mind, thinking of no one in the state. Only if when they truly admire someone, stay with the close friends or are trusted by others can they depend on someone for a long time. Otherwise, they would keep in silence and observe everything around quietly as if being isolated.

Male Capricorns are meticulous, very responsible and of strong logic. In their view, everything done by others is not ideal and they must do it themselves, so they are often busy with work and have little spare time. Fortunately, they are understood by their family since they are quite faithful and responsible for the latter and totally depend on each other.

Reliable and Down-to-earth

Capricornus men come down to earth and never reach for what is beyond their grasp. Meanwhile, they are strong-willed and not affected by other people. With a prudent and careful attitude, they have their own principles, attach great importance to rules and rarely exceed the bounds. In a word, people can feel assured to have them do something.

Honest and Responsible

Men of Capricornus sign never lie about anything and believe that a gentleman shall undertake the due responsibility. They do not like to cheat or cover up their mistakes. Since they act with courage and determination, people trust them a lot. In addition, Capricorn men are very responsible and there are no such setbacks that they could not overcome. And this is their sense of responsibility.


Seemingly tough in daily life, they are actually kind-hearted and hate to hurt anyone. They treat people around in a gentle and kind way, thus loved by everyone.

Overly Practical

The practical men under Capricorn sign usually plan their future early, including both long-term and short-term goals. For them, reality is the top priority. Even if they are romantically involved, they can predict what to do once they break up. Since they lack of romance, their girlfriends are doomed to be tired in managing the relationship.

Stubborn and Arrogant

Capricorn men are so stubborn that no one can change their mind and make them compromise once they are determined. They would take many aspects into consideration and find out the best way they think; they believe they are thoughtful and the method they introduce is the most effective. If the opposite opinion is put forward, they would dismiss without even careful listening. In the eyes of the proud Capricorn men, things are either correct or wrong. Hence, it is impossible to communicate with them once they are determined.

Highly Pessimistic

Capricornus men are mature enough to see through everything, leading to the pessimistic attitude in living. Looking at the joyful scene, they may think of the tragic end in the future. Many a time, they are not afraid of doing something but believe it will be in vain. They tend to suppress their desires and feel lonely and sad.
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