Capricorn Woman

The conservative and traditional Capricorn women are kind-hearted, cool-headed, rational and responsible. They work in a serious attitude and would do their best to complete tasks even if have to work overtime for free and get exhausted. Female Capricorns can be good assistants to their husbands. They are mature, steady, low-key and willing to play the role of good wife and to support their husbands in career development.

Sincere and constant in love, they would endure hardships and fight for their partners. Although they are eager to live a well-off life, they still come down to earth and do their own work. With a good knowledge of reading minds and faces, the sentimental Capricornus women are rational and good at emotional control, thus never act on impulsion. They are very independent and seldom depend on men completely, since it is their faith that women shall have their own work and life if not to be weeded out!

Faithful and Reliable

Female Capricorns are not necessarily romantic as what they need is the stable and long relationship. They are conservative and pushy. Once they are sure that their men deserve the lifelong love, they would be forever in faith. Among the 12 signs, Capricorn men rank top with the 100% reliability. They are loyal to friends, not to mention their lovers. It is very difficult to find such reliable women and no one wants to break up with their Capricorn girlfriends!

Virtuous and Family-oriented

Whether Capricorn women are housewife or office lady, they would arrange family in the best way and stay by the side of their husbands firmly to fight for the future together. Generally, they would not lose temper for nothing or get angry when their husbands are overworking. With the traditional family values, Capricorn girls are quite faithful to family.

Motivated and Independent

No matter in what environment or which kind of work they are engaged in, they always strive for the best. Capricorn girls are so rational that their friends may dislike this point. They would rely on their own and believe that no one is obligated to offer help to them. As long as they can finish something by themselves, they would not bother others; even if it is difficult, they would brave it out.

Stiff and Boring

Capricorn girls are the veritable sedate people. Many of them are regarded as iron lady because they are powerful and competent at work.

Overly Hesitant

Capricorn women hesitate about petty things, such as what to eat tonight, for a long time, not to mention the big deals. If they have to make a decision, other people would get crazy. Of course, this shows how prudent they are but it is not good to be so indecisive.


Many Capricorn women are easily influenced and they rely on others to make decisions, thus leading a tired life. If their boyfriends are overbearing and like to make decisions for them, it will be fine. Therefore, Capricorn girls are suggested to be independent and on their own terms.
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