The Air Element

Air element is the life energy closely related to "gas", which is in charge of communication and exchange. Air signs include Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. People under Air signs attach great importance to balance and they are usually quite calm but when a certain balance is broken, they can become as violent as a storm. People of Air element are generally learned, intelligent, fair and sociable and sometimes could be subject to changing moods, so do not break their bottom limits.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air, with no concrete shapes, can flow in any direction. Air represents the movement of left and right and symbolizes the balanced trait of people under Air signs. All sounds, including speech and music, must be transmitted in air since sound is produced by the vibrations of energy. Fire represents vision, Earth turns the vision into a product while Air informs everyone about the product. Also, the Air element interprets the meanings of the product and makes plans for things.

People with enhanced Air element are very eager to communicate with others and they take relationship as the most important thing. Air signs are the most sociable among all the signs. Whether agree with or not, they are able to appreciate the ideas of others objectively. Since people of Air element never put emotions into relationships, they boast excellent social skills; they know how to give and take, would not show unnecessary defenses or be easily disturbed by others. The calm observation on things enables them to develop social skills. Also, they often cultivate their rationality, objectivity and ability of taking the long view. A typical person of Air element may be interested in and willing to understand your idea yet may disagree with you. None of the Air signs are associated with animal, which means Air element is quite civilized.

People under Air signs understand the world by thinking. To them, intangible ideas and concepts seem to be more practical than tangible entities, so they often have some ideal tints. By focusing too much on vision and situation, they might be trapped in reasoning and cannot come out.

The best traits of Air signs are that they are elegant, humane, refined and courteous. They are aware of the power of others and know how to treat others fairly; once overdeveloped, however, they would get extremely rational, theoretical and impractical. People of Air element always look at life with a certain formula or model and tend to turn the real life experience into an equation. However, the real world is often far apart from the theory. In the worst case, they would become the slaves to theory and law, and get disconnected from the outside world and personal needs. Too much Air element can also cause indecision, anxiety, and inattention.

Compatibility with Other Elements

Clearly, Water and Earth elements tend to belittle the ideas of Air signs because such ideas cannot by examined with deep emotions and do not conform to the practicality which Water and Earth signs adhere to. In general, people of Air signs do not want to be controlled by those of Earth element or lose freedom from being influenced by the emotions and the conservative tendency of those under Water signs. But Fire signs can inspire the Air signs to develop in the direction of expressing in a more comfortable way and bring them the confidence and power that can't be found anywhere else. Despite their appreciation of Fire signs from many aspects, people of Air element insist on thinking twice before committing, which makes the Fire signs quite impatient.
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