The Water Element

Water element is associated with the deepest desires in soul which drive people to move towards awakening direction in a slow yet determined way. Water element represents the deep emotions, such as the impulsive passion, the intense fear, the great tolerance and the love for creation. Water signs include Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. People of Water element are more emotional and intuitive than other signs and they usually show some supernatural abilities; also, they are compassionate, helpful and quite understanding. Susceptible to mood swings, people under Water signs may indulge themselves and isolate themselves in fantasy in the worst case. In this case, they may be able to see things more clearly than others, which can be called "spirit".

Water element can be in various forms - running stream, steady drizzle, still pond or rough sea. Water is wet and it can purify, moisturize or dissolve things; nothing can live without water. Water has no fixed shape and it changes shape and color with containers. Besides, water always flows downhill.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

People of Water element are introverted and low-profile and they care about the emotional security and the sense of belonging. For Cancer people, the primary concern is the family providing them the sense of belonging; for those of Scorpio sign, the primary concern is the strong intimacy while for Pisces, the sense of oneness and the spiritual belonging is the most important. Water must be held in a cup to show the specification; Water element can reflect everything associated with it.

People of Water signs are highly sensitive and susceptible to environment influences and they can blend in quickly. They take in the feelings, subtle mindsets and changes around for digestive absorption, and then eliminate the unnecessary. In the worst case, people of Water element would be flooded and fail to resist the complicated and subtle information around. It is the sensitivity that makes them particularly vulnerable, susceptible, and then overprotective and confidential.

Most of Water signs are calm outside but turbulent inside. Water will be the most empathic and responsive element if it is properly managed and people of Water element can become fully aware of others' feelings. However, too much Water element will prevent them from distinguishing their own feelings from others and such people tend to be overly inflexible, dependent, irrational, manipulative, or overly in tune with what's going on around.

Compatibility with Other Elements

Like the nature of water, people of Water signs lack their own form and stability, so what makes them happiest is that someone provides them with a specific form. In particular, the stability of Earth signs can make them feel at ease and reliable. Water signs don't like those who have strong personality traits or are quite noisy, such as people of Air signs. Water and Fire signs are incompatible with each other. The tender Water signs are the most stable and the softest of all the elements. Because of this, they are sensitive, loving and sentimental.
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