The Fire Element

Fire element is a kind of cosmic radiative energy which is exciting and warm, making the world colorful. Fire signs include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. People of Fire element learn the world by intuition and like to act on instincts. With a strong self-awareness, they are as passionate as fire. Also, they are lively, courageous and eager to create things and find unique and innovative approaches. Generally, people under Fire signs are self-sufficient, hold a very positive attitude towards life and live a life full of passion.

Fire provides warmth and light. Since fire always burns upwards, people of Fire signs are regarded as idealists who sow hope. They boast noble sentiment, confidence, enthusiasm, endless power, straightforward and honest attitude. People under Fire signs are optimistic and cheerful. Even if they are frustrated, they would cheer up quickly, just like adding wood to a fire. They are seldom in a sulk; instead they would show up when they are unhappy.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The visionary Fire signs are talented in motivating people and they act in their own ways. Aries people can motivate those who want to be pioneers and warriors and those who strive for goals; Leos tend to inspire people with loyalty, nobility and reputation; Sagittarians encourage others to develop and pursue freedom with a proactive attitude. In general, they need a great deal of freedom to show themselves and tend to stick to their colors.

The goal of Fire element is to lead, inspire and give confidence to others. Fire signs are positive, outgoing and initiative and they can facilitate and motivate others. Therefore, most of people under Fire signs hate the passive attitude and look down on those who hold an outlook of ''being''. Generally, they are very fast and impulsive and have a vision of where things will be when they're done. People of Fire element can perceive the potential possibilities, believe their visions will come true and convince others to believe in them.

People of Fire element are the most impulsive and self-willed among the four elements. Meanwhile, they are passionate and act quickly on new ideas or plans. They are the natural leaders and trendsetters of the 12 zodiac signs.

The over-developed Fire element tends to break up temporarily due to excessive combustion. Such people may excessively consume the energy of others, especially the realists, because people of Fire element rarely put their passionate visions into action and mostly depend on others to finish.

People under Fire signs are more idealistic than realistic. They seldom show the steady, balanced, sensitive, empathic and tender traits, but other parts of the astrolabe shall also be considered.

Compatibility with Other Elements

Fire signs tend to be impatient with gentle and sensitive people, especially those under Water and Earth signs, because Water can put out fire while Earth would cover Fire. Therefore, people of Fire element hate the latter's heavy-hearted and emotional tendency. Since Air can stir up Fire and provides new ideas to the latter, people of Air and Fire elements are considered matching and Fire needs space to be ventilated.
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