Gemini - 2nd Decan (June 1 - June 10)

Ruler: Venus
Source of Motivation: Intuition

Gemini Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Gemini born during June 1 - June 10 have an excellent aptitude in inspiration and imagination, which is the trait of a typical artist. They are very honest and candid, yet they are easily prone to criticism. Humor and irony are the best self-defense weapons in their lives. Their ability to adjust themselves to the real life is weak, and they are often tortured by their inner anxiety, which makes them attempt to escape from the reality or strive to change their status quo. For persons of this sort, it is necessary to fully coordinate between senses and sensitivity.

Their personal ruling planet is Venus. Although they often say something harsh unintentionally, that will get other people’s feelings hurt accidentally. They are kind-hearted, but they are used to using a rational attitude to analyze things. As such, sometimes others will think they are too collected and cold-blooded. Therefore, it is recommended that they should use a sense of humor to overcome this disadvantage, and then they will become a Gemini adored and favored by everyone around them.

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