Gemini - 3rd Decan (June 11 - June 21)

Ruler: Saturn
Source of Motivation: Modern Idea

Gemini Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Gemini born during June 11 - June 21 have a strong intellectual and intelligent gift. With the nature of a pure temperament, they are sincere, and they like to get along well with the crowd. However, they are easy to get discouraged or lose their clear mind when encountering problems or difficulties. Although they have countless ideas, it is often difficult for them to effectively put them into practice in real life. People of this kind are more likely to succeed in jobs involved in abstract thinking than that in concrete jobs.

Their personal ruling planet is the Saturn. When they are in a bad mood, they will be like a pile of mud lying idled, wishing to do nothing, and they even figure out plans to let go of everything. As such, Gemini born during this period should mind their emotions and try to keep them under control. They are basically optimistic. As long as they don't allow their emotions to govern and dominate themselves, their creativity and innovation will bring them enormous wealth.

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