Top 3 Habits of Libra in Love

Know All about Your Ex(es)

When a Libran starts a relationship with you, the first thing he or she does is to learn about your ex(es) and he/she deems it necessary to know how long you'd been together, why you broke up and whether you are still in contact. This is because he/she does not wish you are involved in a messy relationship with your ex(es) when you two are together.

Save Face for You Outside

When you are alone with your lover of Libra sign, he/she can be very possessive because Libra is a mighty sign and wishes to dominate everything, including love relationship. But Libra people have a good habit in love - they will save face for their love no matter how unreasonable and bossy they are at home. They know how to please their loved ones, and then to take better control over the latter in private.Save Face for You Outside

Propose a Breakup Easily

A bad habit of Librans in love is that they propose a breakup easily when they feel they've been wronged. They hope everyone can humour them. In particular, their lovers are supposed to be sweet with them unconditionally. If you make your Libra lover angry or talk back in one way or another, he/she can blow up for a moment and feel there is no way to go on but break up.
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