The Mythology of Aquarius

Ganymede was prince of Troy. Once day, he was tending to his father's flocks; Zeus in the sky became enamored of him and transformed into an eagle down to Mount Olympus to take him away. The eagle became the Aquila while Ganymede became the cupbearer of Zeus.
Hera was jealous and framed Ganymede up, making Zeus think that Ganymede was going to elope with a maid. Therefore, Zeus was very angry and wanted to execute Ganymede. At the moment of the deadly arrow was shooting by Chiron, the maid Helen stood out in front of Ganymede. Seeing the failed plan, Hera became angry from embarrassment and changed Ganymede into a transparent cup serving Zeus forever. However, the cup poured out tears and all the gods were moved. As a result, Zeus made Ganymede the Aquarius in the sky.
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