Aquarius Man

Of strong personality, Aquarius men are charming and complicated inside, thus difficult to be understood. On the surface, they are simple and straightforward yet always wander in conflict. Due to the influence of Saturn, most of them are indifferent and unsocial, even extremely cold and unreasonable under some special circumstances. Much of time, male Aquarians show the humorous and sociable side, treat others warmly and would offer help to others.

In daily life, they can make their loved ones feel so good. In fact, they prefer friendship to love, because love would hamper their metaphysical thinking. But when they really fall in, they can still get fully devoted and tend to idealize everything.

Tender and Humane

Men under Aquarius sign know how to enjoy life and they usually would not go after something deliberately but make every step meaningful. In everyday life, Aquarius men are humane, gentle, amiable and easy to get along, thus have many friends and loved by the elder generation. In the family, they are generally respected and loved by every member.

Wise and Humorous

The humorous and wise Aquarius men are just like those under the Gemini sign - characterized by the excellent reasoning skills and wisdom, and they are adept in using their intelligence to maximize results with minimal resources. In addition, they are easy to get on, have a sense of humor and like to talk about interesting topics with friends and family in a jovial mood.

Easy-going and Firm

Most of male Aquarians are good men, featuring the personality and morality traits essential to a good man. Sometimes, people may feel they are standing high above the masses but familiarity would change the view and show that they are easy-going. Besides, men of Aquarius sign are strong-minded and less fragile when something happens. When they stay with women, they can always show the firm side.


For Aquarius men, it is not a man's style to be bothered about small matters. They hate to be bound by old rules and details, and believe that human beings should not get into a rut and only the informal people not bothered about small matters could accomplish something.

Insecure and Elusive

Sometimes, Aquarius men would evade and treat their girlfriends coldly. But it does not mean they are the ruthless and vile character; once they are clear and sure that they really love someone, they would give wholeheartedly and proceed without hesitation. Sometimes, they are just like a hedgehog which pricks up its thorns for arming itself other than hurting others. They dare not to ask for too much love because they dread the pains after that.


Male Aquarians are known for their stubborn trait. They are very thoughtful and do have a lot of ideas, which are too ahead of time or freak to be accepted by others. But so what? They do not care what others say and believe they need no support from anyone else. Even if they know what others are saying is right, they just don't follow the advice.
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