Aquarius In Love

Aquarius people prefer the passionate and intense love; once they don't love anymore, they will leave without the least hesitation!

Seemingly easy to get along with, Aquarius is in fact a bit cold and they treat their partners the same way as other friends. When they come for a date, they would bring their friends and make their lovers wonder who are more important!

Aquarius persons love those who are as strange as they are, of uncertain whereabouts and mysterious. They also prefer the talented that can write poems, draw or play music. In addition, their ideal partners must be unusually attuned to their feelings, know how they feel and what they like or dislike and change for them. Aquarius is really attracted by this kind of people.

Aquarius people usually start a relationship at a party or an activity with friends. At the very beginning, they have much to talk and then develop a tender feeling for each other after a long time. In love, especially dating, they appear to lack of romance!

What the Aquarius want most is that their partners can know what they are about to speak and can be very comfortable together without caring about personal image! No matter how far the distance is, they can miss each other, sometimes spend the time quietly and sometimes be clingy to each other! And most importantly, both sides should have faith in the relationship!

aquarius Love in 2020

Despite the great influence of Mercury retrograde on Aquarius, people of this sign can be pretty lucky in love. Single Aquarians are more likely to start a relationship. Their weakness lies in the poor social ability and they have to improve it if they want to fall in love. Married Aquarians may be faced with certain emotional crisis and conflict with their lovers. Fortunately, the situation will get better when the third retrograde of Mercury ends in October. ...Read More

Top 3 Habits of Aquarius in Love

When an Aquarius is in love with you, however, he/she can be very different and would act like a spoiled child in front of you.