Aquarius Woman

As innocent as children in personality, female Aquarians are elegant, tasteful, considerate and easy to get along with. But if you stay with an Aquarius girl for a long time, you will find she is eccentric and unpredictable. They have the objective mind to burst the restraints, like to share various ideas, and think freely about various ideas. On tiptoe with curiosity, they would learn about anything they are interested in and pursue a life unique to themselves. Since they never want to be like anyone else, sometimes their behaviors and lifestyles are not acceptable to everyone.

In love relationship, Aquarius women can be a little unromantic. As perfectionists, they tend to be alienated and indifferent due to the overly rational attitude and would remain single unless find the right one. Once they have a crush on someone, they would keep a distance and watch silently rather than take the initiative to disturb. At work, however, they are vigorous, resolute and highly efficient, and never get slack at what they are confident about.

Wise and Independent

The intelligence of Aquarius women is a trait they born with and they are different with others in terms of judgment, analysis and comprehension. Since wisdom is the only thing that never vanishes with the fleeting time, women under Aquarius would get more and more attractive as they grow older, making others envy a lot. The independent Aquarius girls are calm, have their own opinions and never drift with the current, which is quite different with other girls. In the face of many unexpected things, they can keep calm to analyze and solve the problem clearly and behave in a gentle and well-cultivated manner.

Curious and Innovative

Aquarius girls, of strong curiosity, tend to combine the strong desire for independence with the spirit of independence, showing a kind of persistence and insisting on getting to the bottom of the matter. Inherently rational, they know the nature of human, have excellent tolerance and study spirit, love and accept all novel things. They prefer to try new things and could even prolong youth in weird ways.

Sensitive and Suspicious

Girls of Aquarius sign have been sensitive. People come and go and very few can stay with them for a long time because of their sensitivity. Also, they are quite suspicious and would imagine many possibilities uncontrollably when something takes place; at last, the possibilities would be overturned with others' help, so that they can feel at ease. This is decided by their wisdom.

Impulsive and Outspoken

The intelligent and keen Aquarius women can always find problems immediately, and then locate the key point with the meticulous mind. After that, they would compare with the romance and find the discrepancy between, which leads to their impulsion. As a result, they often speak out the fact impulsively and regret about this when calm down. Sometimes, they should learn to calm down to get rid of the flaw.

Lachrymose and Indecisive

Aquarius women are so indecisive that they have no idea about which to choose. For example, when there are two men to choose they are too indecisive to choose. Also, they are lachrymose, which is quite annoying to others.
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