Aquarius Personality

Aquarius Personality Traits

In general, Aquarians have a heart as cold as winter and they are mystics. With a researching spirit, they like the novel and fresh things and are willing to accept new discoveries. Also, they have the good observation, reasoning ability and strong thirst for knowledge; they are objective, calm, good at thinking and particular about science, logic and concept, and have strong values, thus often become philosophers, scientists and human behavior researchers.
The most important characters of Aquarians are innovation and individualism; they tend to have a life attitude of pursuing the unique way of life. However, they are stubborn and sometimes unpredictable, but they pay attention to humanism and are very friendly and privacy-orientated due to the influence of Uranus.
Substantially, Aquarians like loneliness and they have the hidden personality of stubbornness, so they are unlikely to change their views or opinions; on the one hand, however, they extremely hate to argue with others. Sometimes, facing the head-on confrontations with others, they pretend to be fully deaf to many criticisms but act on their own thoughts.
Aquarius people have a changeful personality with mixed indifference and enthusiasm. Sometimes, they are whimsical and humorous, and sometimes as cold as ice, making others feel they are beyond comprehension and difficult to get along with. Due to the contradictory character, however, they have a fuzzy self-cognition and lack of direction, thus very elusive.
When you meet an Aquarian for the first time, you will find it's easy to communicate with him/her as Aquarians are absolutely the "Social Stars" and the open and bold philanthropists who like to make friends with every kind of people. However, they like fresh and exciting things and tend to give up in the midway, so they change friends frequently and have few intimate friends. It takes a long time to make the bosom friend with the Aquarians; at the very beginning, they have already had a score for you in their hearts under the pleasant appearance. Nevertheless, they are good to friends but have an indifferent and estranged relationship with their family.
Advocating freedom, Aquarians don't like to be restrained or have their private life stepped in by others.
They are innovators who can fantasy out or predict the future due to their endless thoughts and sudden intuitions.
Apparently, Aquarius people are honest, silent and diligent, just like the model workers. But be careful, once they tell a lie, people will be hurt more seriously! When they tell a lie, they are poker-faced, making others can't distinguish the true from the false.
Take delight in digging for the truth
Full of humanitarian spirit
Possess the rational wisdom
Independent and personal style
Extensive interest and creative
Strong curiosity and forward-looking
Advocate freedom and helpful
Overly idealistic
Insist on getting to the bottom of the matter
Overly believe personal judgments
Often change the mind and lack of perseverance
Overly rational and unromantic
Hardly being open to friends
Lack of enthusiasm and individualistic
Overly emphasize the autonomy of life

Aquarius Decans

In Decan sun sign astrology, there are three Decans for each sun sign month with each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Different characteristics and planet are attached to different Decans. Check your decan by your birth date and find out your personality from the following links.
Aquarius 1st Decan (January 20 to January 31)
Aquarius 2nd Decan (February 1 to February 9)
Aquarius 3rd Decan (February 10 to February 18)
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