Aries – 2nd Decan ( April 1 - April 10)

Ruler: The Sun
Source of Motivation: Arrogance

Aries Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Aries born during April 1 - April 10 has a heart full of infinite passion, admiration for heroism and desire for power. They have a strong sense of self-confidence, and their arrogance dominates everything. They need admiration and praise, and never allow himself to fall behind others. They have fiery and passionate flames burning inside their hearts. They can only feel calm and at ease during their actions. Through their life journey, they need their courage to keep moving forward.

The ruling planet for Arians born during this period is the Sun, which represents honor and light, and also change and reform. Aries is originally a hyperactive sign, and with the power of the sun. their hyperactivity could be reinforced, but it will not make them so authoritarian. Actually, they are that sort of persons who like competition. They don't like a fixed, repetitive and routing job at all. Therefore, they need to constantly develop their new ideas, thoughts and abilities. The more they can develop their potential, the more they can stand out. They have the ability to gather information quickly. Therefore, the up-to-date and cutting-edge work is the fittest for Aries born during this period.

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