Aries – 1st Decan (March 21 - March 31)

Ruler: Mars
Source of Motivation: Activities

Aries First Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Aries born during March 21 - March 31 are easy to be extreme, impulsive, belligerent, and lack of discipline. They always tend to get their lives strained. Their inner excitement is often demonstrated in actions, with little regard for the consequences. Aries are that kind of persons who are not content with a plain and bland life, and they are eager to excel, stand out and work hard. Relaxation and rest will make them feel tired, while difficulties will bring them more strength and power. They are always ready to regroup, revitalize and move on, even in the case of complete failure.

Their ruling planet is Mars, and they are very arbitrary in character. The personality of Aries is also very apparent, and they are often impatient, easy to be agitated, very aggressive and independent, and they occasionally have some small quirks. What they can reinforce and improve is not to have too arbitrary words and speeches. Too arbitrary words will cause other people’s dislike. They have a very rich and resourceful imagination, and they also believe in their own intuition. That is their special talent. However, when their intuition is wrong, they refuse to admit even to themselves. This is particularly worth to be noticed. When they make decisions, they often rely on feelings and intuition. As such, they should often take in more information so that their intuition will be more accurate. They have a very strong ability, yet sometimes they can’t succeed just because of their lack of patience.  

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