Aries – 3rd Decan (April 11 - April 20)

Ruler: The Jupiter
Source of Motivation: Passion

Aries Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Aries born during April 11 - April 20 are with innovation and artistic appreciation. Whether in terms of work, career or others, they always hope to take the path of innovation. They are endowed with fiery passion and irresistible struggle power, and they never spare their strength, efforts, emotions and wealth. However, they often lack the sense of reality in life.

The ruling planet for Aries born during this period is Jupiter, which means that they are the groups of Arians who are with the most sympathy and moral virtues. Unlike other Aries born during other period who are blunt and harshly outspoken, they are more polite, and they are more subtle and sensitive and with more artistic competence. It is necessary to adjust and balance their inner conflicts, because they often do some impulsive things and regret later, and then they feel that they shouldn’t have done so and feel deeply remorseful. They are very kind-hearted people, and they need to know how to adjust themselves, allowing the sensitive side inside their hearts soften their impulsive personality, and only in this way can they become successful.

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