The Mythology of Leo

When the Leo is mentioned, the marriage of Zeus should be learned first.
As is known to all, Zeus had many wives and lovers, and he even married his great-granddaughter Alcmene. When Zeus fell in love with Alcmene, he already had the seventh wife Hera.
Zeus was attracted by the beautiful Alcmene and he changed into a rain of gold to fall in her home. To deceive the public, Zeus ordered the sun and the moon to take a holiday and made the night triple the ordinary night.
Later, Alcmene gave birth to Zeus's son Heracles but she hid Heracles in a basket and abandoned him in the field due to her fear of Queen Hera who was very jealous. What a coincidence! Athena and Hera just came here to walk. Athena found the baby was good-looking and she loved him very much, so she persuaded Hera to nurse the child. Due to the milk of the Queen Hera, Hercules was no longer a mortal being but became very powerful, and he grew into a famous hero.
How much strength did Hercules have? When he was still a baby, the jealous Hera sent two snakes to kill him but he killed the snakes instead.
After Hercules grew up, he became a famous hero and Zeus placed high hopes on this son. Even before the birth of Hercules, Zeus announced to make the first grandson of Perseus the king and rule all those around him. However, the jealous Hera extended the pregnancy of Alcmene and made Eurystheus born in advance. Therefore, the throne was taken away by Eurystheus while Hercules had to accomplish 12 impossible tasks for the king, known as the ''12 Trials''.
The first task was fighting against Nemean Lion and skinned it.
This was an enormous lion; the arrows were useless against it and the lion had sharp claws. Hercules set out to kill the lion and eventually killed it. However, the lion's skin was too hard and the human tools were useless to skin it. In a flash of inspiration, he used the lion's claws to skin it.
Then, he made a piece of armor and a new helmet with the lion skin. According to the will of Zeus, Hercules became a god of Olympus, reconciled with Hera and married the beautiful and lively Hebe, the Goddess of Youth.
To commemorate his great deeds, the lion he killed was brought to the heaven, thus today's Leo.
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