6 Obvious Signs That a Cancer in Love with You

Cancer is a very adorable sign and those who have Cancer as their star sign are good-natured, family-oriented and caring. Being careful and patient, Cancer is the ideal partner for many people. What are the signs of a Cancer in love with you?YourZodiacSign.Com

Would Like to Change for You

If a Cancer person really loves you, he/she would like to change for you and become the way and the image you like to the greatest extent. He/she would love the songs and the hairstyle you like and become diligent in study and making money. It can be said that Cancer would turn into a leading role in TV play once he/she falls in love with you.

Show Special Concern to You

Cancerians tend to show special concern to their loved ones in the way how a mother loves her children. For example, if a Cancerian loves you, he/she would concern whether you have eaten your fill and put on warm clothes; remind you to go to bed early and do not stay up late; ask whether you are fine or whether you need to go to the hospital in the case of cold and fever. Cancer's care is always thoughtful and sweet.

Find Ways to Hang Out

Perhaps you would think Cancer is a very open star sign when reading the title. Yes, you are right. Cancer is very open and would like to stay with you all the time if you are the true love. Also, he/she would create opportunities to hang out together with you, so as to leave a good impression to you.

Take You as the Only One

When a person under the Cancer sign falls in love with you, he/she would see no one else. He/she is so single-minded and affectionate that he/she never chops and changes but remains loyal to you unto death. Once a Cancerian is in love with you, he/she would no longer see any other men/women and keep his/her eyes on you when walking in the street.

Observe Your Every Move

Cancer in love with you can be a "Peeping Tom" who likes to observe you every move and pretends to be coming across when you are doing something. If you are having a meal in the canteen, the Cancer will look at what you are eating and then firmly keep in mind your favorite food.

Can Give Everything to You

If a Cancer falls in love with you, he/she will give all to you and even give up money, career and health for you in a selfless way. Cancer has a spirit of sacrifice and devotion. If you are loved by a person under the Cancer sign, please do not hurt him/her and just say no if you do not love him/her, or he/she will keep waiting forever.
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