Cancer - 1st Decan (June 22 - July 1)

Ruler: the Moon
Source of Motivation: Attraction

Cancers First Decan - Personality and Characteristics

People with cancer zodiac signs born during June 22 - July 1 are rich in imagination and very sensitive. Sometimes, trivial and insignificant things can make them feel slandered and excited. They are mild-tempered, enjoy fantasy, and often escape from the reality. They are good at rhetoric and speech. They also have the ability to recite and create poems, and compose in literature and drama, and they have certain personal charm. However, their emotions are not stable enough, and sometimes they are prone to fall into depression. What they need most is understanding and encouragement, because their emotions are easily affected and influenced by people around them.

Their personal ruling planet is the Moon. As such, they are particularly sensitive and they are deemed to be the most sensitive group among all Cancer guys. Their ability in imitation or artistic talent is very excellent. However, the current society gives much prominence to high efficiency, and their sensitive characteristics will be ignored and wiped out because of the society’s emphasis on efficiency or the pressing time deadline. Therefore, Cancers born during this period should well adjust their nerve system and know how to relax themselves.

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