Libra – 2nd Decan (October 3 - October 13)

Ruler: Saturn
Source of Motivation: Emotions

Libras Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Libras born during October 3 to October 13 are kind-hearted, friendly and with a strong sense of justice. At the crucial moments, they always support the weak and oppose the bullying. They are very sympathetic, and they can often put themselves in other’s position to be considerate and magnanimous to others. They are always so kind to other people that they sometimes become enslaved by the kindness, longing for the loyalty and faithfulness. Along their life journey sadness, sentimentality and depression are often around them.

Their personal ruling planet is Saturn. They are the sort of person who cares very much about the personal image. As such, although they have plenty of personal feelings and emotions, they are unwilling to express them in front of other people. Even in front of the ones they love, they will keep silent to let their emotions settle alone because they don’t want their loved ones to worry about them or just because they are too tired to talk about their feelings after a laboring day.
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