Libra – 1st Decan (September 23 - October 2)

Ruler: Venus
Source of Motivation: Combination

Libras First Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Libras born during September 23 to October 2 are gentle-tempered, courteous, careless, lovely and charming. However, they are not that type of person who is easy-going and accommodating in everything. Their destiny depends on the people around them, particularly depending on the direction of their interests, because almost everything about them is subject to emotions, and they never innovatively create anything. They are very strong in aesthetics and artistic talent, but they need to have a good pointing position between the Mars and the Venus or between the Mars and the Sun, or their birth star positions must be in a powerful constellation, so that their artic talent can be fully shown. In addition, a successful marriage is the cornerstone for their happiness.

Their personal ruling planet is Venus. Sometimes, they can’t help to be picky about some people on their mind, but from the outside they will still keep a good and harmonious relationship with them. Well, sometimes, they will get stuck in a dilemma because they want to take good care of everything comprehensively. If the ending is unhappy, they will blame themselves. The problem is that they can’t please everyone, and they must be clearly conscious of this matter.
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