Scorpio – 1st Decan (October 23 - November 2)

Ruler: Mars
Source of Motivation: Divide and Rule

Scorpio First Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Scorpios born during October 23 to November 2 are assertive, secretive and mysterious. It is hard to have a glimpse of the full picture of their inner world from their calm appearance. They may become an outstanding person, or just the opposite. They like to achieve their purposes and goals through twists and turns. They never yield in the face of difficulties, instead they have a strong power to execute. They tend to be a little indecisive when they are young, and their personality traits will truly be revealed only when they are grown up, being sort of solitary and withdrawn personality.

Both their ruling planet and their personal planet are Mars, which means that they have a dual power of action and execution. As Mars takes charge of combating or acting, the negative side it embodies is that they tend to be very authoritarian and subjective. To put it nicely and positively, they are very independent, assertive and decisive when dealing with matters. To put it in a candid and harsh tone, they are a bit authoritarian and arbitrary. Sometimes, they are too subjective to listen to others’ opinions. They are very strong and successful in career, while in terms of relationship and feelings, it would be better for them to hold a soft and gentle attitude, in lieu of strong character.
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