10 Obvious Signs That a Libra in Love with You

For people whose sign is Libra, a promise is a promise and love is love, and they never trifle with others' affections. It is easy for them to fall in love and get hurt. Then, in what ways can you tell that a Libra is in love with you?YourZodiacSign.Com

Smile Every Time He/She Sees You

The polite Librans would show the iconic smile to everyone. When a Libra is in love with you, he/she will be genuinely glad to see you and smile every time he/she sees you, but not in the ritual way he/she smiles to others. If a Libra behaves like this, he/she must be at least interested in you.

Glance Furtively at You

Perhaps you think the smile is just a courtesy greeting. But if a Libran glances furtively at you at a party and looks away when you find out yet still glances at you out of the corners of his/her eyes after that, he/she must be doing it deliberately to remind you that he/she is keeping up with you.

Stay with You

People in love hope to spend all the time together. Librans are too shy to sit by the side of their crush. If someone asks a Libra to sit by your side but he/she is just too shy to do this, he/she must love you.

Body Contact

Libra people would not have any body contact with friends or those they dislike. If you are often close with a Libra or accidentally touch a certain part of his/her body and he/she does not step back or pretends as if nothing has happened, it means you two are in a good relationship.

Become Quiet Suddenly

Generally, Librans would not falter when they're with good friends. If a Libra never falters with other opposite-sex friends but dries up when you are there and smiles when you look at him/her, you can know he/she is in love with you.

Don't Ask for Your Number

Sometimes, Libra can be vague in showing his/her love for you. For instance, he/she loves you but does not ask for your number; instead, he/she would take your phone to see whether you have taken down his/her number or check whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. In this way, he/she gives you the hint: ''why not ask for my number?''

Ask Probing Questions All Day Long

A Libra may figure out whether you are in a relationship by asking: ''Who give you this?'' ''Do you have an engagement at weekend?'' If he/she often asks you such questions, he/she must be in love with you because he/she is asking for a chance.

Satisfy Your Unreasonable Demands

Such unreasonable demands occur in love. For example, you demand a something personal or beloved of him/her and he/she says yes; he/she keeps a demand you proposed unconsciously in mind and keeps you informed of his/her progress; he/she refuses to do something silly, such as singing, but yields to you at last because he/she never wants to let you down!

Be What He/she Actually Is

Libra is known as a good-natured sign and those with Libra sign rarely say something ill of others. If a Libran complains to you about someone or is upset or loses temper in front of you, it means he/she is in you as this is the true side of him/her. Once a person of Libra sign loves you, he/she will share something unhappy with you.

Care About You and Tell You Everything

Librans do not like to tell others their private affairs. If a Libran tells you where he/she's going and who he/she's with or even invites you to be there, he/she must love you.
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