Pisces – 2nd Decan (March 1 - March 10)

Ruler: Moon
Source of Motivation: Dedication

Pisces Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

With the good wishes inside their hearts, Pisces guys born during March 1 to March 10 are sincere, kind and altruistic. They are true messengers of love and friendship. However, they also have the weakness or frailty in character: excessive self-sacrifice would result in others’ insatiable demand.   To a large extent, their mental state is subject to the encouragement they get. Their emotions lack coherence and consistence and tend to be volatile and drifting.

Their personal planet is the Moon, and the moon dominates the night and represents those who love family. Pisceans born during this period love family most. Sometimes, they are in a bad mood and like fantasy, but they will give substantially to their families. They are particularly susceptible to the ambient surroundings and situation. As such, when they are in a good mood, they will feel that life is full of hope and they want to extend a helping hand to other people. In addition, with their strong and rich senses, sensitiveness and empathy, they will easily get to know why others are in a bad mood. However, when they are in a state of weak will or depression, they may even have a little suicidal tendency. Therefore, it is better for them to use the sensitiveness wisely, and they would make their ways in the religious circle or in the service industry.
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