Pisces – 3rd Decan (March 11 - March 20)

Ruler: Mars
Source of Motivation: Changes

Pisces Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

For Pisceans born during March 11 to March 20, the minus ten degree Celsius is not favorable to those who can not restrain their introvert personality trait because they may be taken into an unfavorable ambient atmosphere to seek for absolute consciousness and truth. This will result in the instability of their inner world: wishing to live in the real world, yet longing for the illusory illusion and fantasy. These two contradictory and irreconcilable thoughts haunt them from time to time. They are easily moody, and it tend to be more apparent especially when Neptune, Mars and Jupiter, Venus or the Moon run in unfavorable positions, which may bring suffering, pain or trouble to their love life.

Their personal planet is the Mars, which represents combat power and action. So, they are the most willing to act and execute among all Pisceans. Besides, they like doing things quickly, but they are often a little bit anticlimactic! They are not suitable to be bosses or start businesses because they tend to take all responsibilities on themselves. As such, it is better for them to be employed by or work for others. They have a great artistic talent and strong sensitivity. However, it is advised that they’d better use their vigorous action power more and reinforce their interpersonal relationship, which will make their life journey go in a smoother manner.
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