Pisces – 1st Decan (February 19 - February 29)

Ruler: Neptune
Source of Motivation: Love

Pisces First Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Pisces guys born during February 19 to February 29 are extremely sensitive, and they are with extraordinary acute thinking or mysterious sense of smell, which will make their mentality and minds tend to be doubtful or constantly illusive. They are in need of the Sun, which is the constellation sign at birth, to give them greater perseverance and energy, so that they can glow and get vitalized with confidence and sense of reality, and eliminate their tendency to avoid life and responsibilities. They are very susceptible to others’ influence, and they tend to be volatile and lingering among all possibilities.

The personal ruling planet for Pisceans born during this period is Neptune, which belongs to the spiritual level, dominating the artistic talent. As such, their artistic talent is the most prominent among all Pisceans, yet their dual personality is also the most apparent and prominent among all Pisceans. Their thinking is very vogue, trendy and novel. However, they dare not put forward their own comments and views, which should be improved. If they can apply properly in the workplace their artistic talent plus their unique way of thinking, they will surely achieve a bright future. Therefore, they must select the industries that are able to accept the novel ideas and allow them to fully exercise their talents. Companies who are too old-fashioned and conservative or their bosses tend to suppress them are not fit for them.
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