Scorpio – 2nd Decan (November 3 - November 12)

Ruler: Jupiter and Neptune
Source of Motivation: Extremeness

Scorpio Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Scorpios born during November 3 to November 12 are cold, collected and extreme. Their unrestrained desire and strong passion may become a motivation yet a shortcoming for them. The two types of tendency mainly depend on whether they choose to sublimate their emotions or become a machine driven by desire or even a victim of desire. They are always wary of jealousy that could become devastating and destructive.

Their ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune. Neptune usually takes charge of kind of deep spirituality, while Jupiter takes charge of a kind of happiness. One represents the material and the other represents the spirit. As such, they are very changeable and fickle in personality, and they often talk to the different sides of them within their inner world.

If they choose to become doctors, they would be better at psychiatry; if they are engaged in building and architecture, they would be better at architectural design. That is to say, they are good at analysis, which is their exclusive trait in this aspect.
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