Scorpio – 3rd Decan (November 13 - November 22)

Ruler: Moon
Source of Motivation: Loneliness

Scorpio Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Scorpios born during November 13 to November 22 have contradictory personality traits. They are arrogant yet timid, passionate yet cold, yearning for sex yet cautiously restrained. When someone hurts them, they will be ruthless. They are easy to become a person of emotional restraint and extreme personality. They are easily driven and motivated by a variety of desires. Once they overcome their nature, they will have very powerful motivation and momentum, and demonstrate the impressive and excellent talents in occult, psychology and other aspects.

Their personal planet is the Moon, which symbolizes fantasy, dreams and maternal love. So, they are kind of soft and gentle Scorpio. Scorpios are very keen on taking care of others, especially those who they are fond of. They would take care of their loved ones in a very careful, thoughtful and meticulous manner, which will make their partners feel quite warm and heartwarming.
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