Sagittarius – 1st Decan (November 23 - December 1)

Ruler: Jupiter
Source of Motivation: Independent Spirit

Sagittarius First Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Sagittarians born during November 23 to December 1 are kind and generous to other people. They are absolutely independent in thought and action. Everything about them has a great impact on others. They are innovative, but sometimes they act excessively and improperly. Sagittarius guys born during this period may have two development trends: one is to become successful explorers, adventurers or travelers, who will make the most of their bravery and passion for freedom to overcome obstacles; the other trend is to develop into kind of prudent ideal, which will be helpful for people who devote themselves into to social, philosophical and religious undertakings.

Their ruling planet and personal planet are Jupiter. As such, they are Sagittarius guys with a strong sense of justice and compassion. They are loyal to their beloved ones, and also very honest both in life and at work. So, they are often liked and appreciated by their supervisors and boss. Their friends deem them as trustworthy persons, and they have a strong curiosity about interpersonal relationship. They are sincere and truly concerning and caring about their friends. These are their merits, and if they can make the most of their merits well, they will make their lives more successful. It's just that sometimes their attention and attentiveness on things do not last long, which is supposed to be improved.
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