Career for Taurus

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus is an earth sign. People under this sign are neither anxious nor impatient and always follow procedures. They feel at ease and safe for the stable and controllable situation and prefer the comfort of taking things in control. While choosing a career, Taurus people give priority to the sustainability and stability of income rather than how much they earn. They would not feel satisfied with high-paying and high-risk jobs full of changes. Instead, they prefer stable jobs that less pay. Perhaps in the eyes of other people it is stupid to give up a high-paying job but Taureans really do not care about it - they have a good faith in their ability of ''money bringing money'' and feel satisfied with the decent income and limited saving. With a poor spirit of adventure, Taurus people pursue stability and harmony and dislike changes, thus feel it difficult to deal with new jobs and new challenges. However, they can use the keen observation and outstanding artistic characteristics to grown into masters or experts in a certain field, which will be easier for them to achieve success.

taurus Career in 2019

Venus will be in the house favorable to career and bring you more passion for work and better interpersonal relationship, thus the good career horoscope. In January and November, Venus will be in the House of Travel, showing that you Taureans will get more chances to go out for business negotiation and study and meet more experienced and successful people to broaden your mind and vision. Meanwhile, the House of Travel also symbolizes Taurus will rush about and overwork. Therefore, look after your body for better development in career. You employed Taureans are suggested to deal with the workplace relations properly, do your duty well and never take over others' business, or you will invite unnecessary trouble! For Taureans in leading positions, you need to guard against the disclosure of confidential information of your company due to the stealing of competitors and the betrayal of subordinates. ...Read More

Best Jobs for Taurus

Taurus love beauty by nature. Some Taureans find it difficult to get a job because they just cannot find the most suitable career. Here are the top ideal professions for Taurus.

Suitable Jobs for Taurus by Blood Type

Taurus people of blood type A are very sensitive to money and have a good sense of stability and patience, thus suitable for office, finance/accounting work, such as accountant, accounting manager, auditor, bank clerk and stock clerk which are stable.