Taurus Personality

Taurus Personality Traits

Unlike the Gemini people, Taureans don't like the life full of changes. They are not impatient or impulsive like the Arians. Tolerance is the true portrayal of them and they are very patient to any person and anything. They stick to the principle of ''only if you can stand the hardest of hardships can you rise in society''. Besides, they are stubborn and will not change their mind once they are determined.
Taureans tend to lack of the sense of security; what they like least and most afraid of is unemployment which is a kind of torture even worse than death for them. Male Taureans have the potential male chauvinism and they seldom speak too much at home but pay much attention to dignity. Female Taureans are materialistic and love to dress up because Venus, the symbol of love and beauty, is the ruling planet of Taurus.
Taureans always need a long time to adapt to a relationship, a job and an environment but they will not change unless they are forced to after the adaption. Taureans are artistic and have good taste and ability towards any art.
Taureans are honest, not because they don't like to lie but they are dull; they will be tongue-tied and blush before they have the facial expression of lie.

Practical and reliable
Live a regular life
Do things in a planned way
Peace-oriented and persevering
Patient and down-to-earth
Business sense and steady values
Excessively possessive
Lack of coordination and humor sense, inflexible
Not good at cooperation
Too serious