Suitable Jobs for Taurus by Blood Type

Taurus people of blood type A are very sensitive to money and have a good sense of stability and patience, thus suitable for office, finance/accounting work, such as accountant, accounting manager, auditor, bank clerk and stock clerk which are stable. Also, they fit administrator, civil servant, product quality inspector, teacher, compensation manager, doctor, proofreader, laboratory and other similar jobs. Since Taureans are less sociable and thin-skinned, they are not suitable for outgoing jobs like market developer.YourZodiacSign.Com
Taurus people of blood type B are more casual, unrestrained, kind and amiable than those of others blood types. However, there is a conflict between their freedom and stability. They are suggested to combine their unique taste, smell, hearing and other senses or gifted sensitivity in art with the freewheeling creativity and choose a career like cook, pastry chef, perfumer, bartender, composer, musician, singer, dancer, dubber, poet and so on to give full play to their talents.

Taureans of blood type O feature the stable side of Taurus and the lovely side of blood type O. Highly career-oriented, they tend to be gifted in a certain field and eager to make achievements in some special domains, such as art and literature. They are suggested to find their favorite field as early as possible in life and specialize in it. The combination of Taurus and blood type O are subjective, stubborn and less compromising, so they will feel painful to be led by someone else. Besides, they are less flexible and not suitable for leading others, thus suited to the freelance work in specialized fields, such as singer, performer, writer and academic expert.

Taurus people of blood type AB are low-profile, mild and pretty flexible. Since they are sophisticated, stable, objective and reliable, they are suited to business or other related work. With a limited desire for power, Taureans of blood type AB are easily satisfied and know how to enjoy life, thus unlikely to be workaholics. It would be better if they can work in a relaxed business environment, such as salesperson, customer service, investment consultant, broker and real estate agent. In addition, they are gifted in art or food and suitable for acting, cooking and singing.
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