Taurus in Love

Taurus sign, just like a cold fish, is a stickler for perfection. They are single-minded with those they love, a little stubborn and sometimes slow in love relationship. Seemingly tough and stubborn, Taurus people are actually innocent and loving, and know how to love someone despite the cold look. If you are loved by a Taurus sign, you must be very happy because he/she is reliable and would act rather than talk; he/she would not allow you to feel bad but pay for you silently and would not blame you even if you are not doing well enough; instead, he/she would offer help to fix it and show you love and tolerance. Taurus would not break up easily. If he/she takes the initiative to break up, you should consider how much you have hurt him/her. In fact, Taurus people are very tolerant and would change their personality for loved ones; once they are romantically involved, no one can change their minds as long as they are not seriously injured. Generally, they would tolerate rather than propose a breakup. If your lover is under the Taurus sign, please cherish him/her.

taurus Love in 2019

Mainly influenced by Juno, Mars and Venus, you Taurus people will have a better love horoscope in the first half year and even get pregnant or give birth to a baby in January and February. For single Taureans, May and June will be the good time to start a relationship. If you are already in a relationship or marriage, your love will be susceptible to external factors, such as a third party or external gossip. ...Read More

7 Obvious Signs That a Taurus in Love with You

As the slowest type in the 12 zodiac signs, Taurus people always act slowly. This is also true when they are in love - passive and man show! Following are the obvious signs that a Taurus in love with you.

Top 3 Habits of Taurus in Love

Taurus in love would develop a number of habits unique to them, one of which is cooking for their love. Another habit of Taureans in love is getting used to pay silently since they love more than the other side and are willing to give everything in this relationship.