The Mythology of Taurus

Europa was a beautiful princess of Phoenicia and it was said that her beauty surpassed all flowers. After she woke up every day, she would take the gold flower basket to the flower lawn to play, bath or pick flowers with the even-aged noble girls.
Zeus fell in love with her at first sight but he was henpecked and afraid that Hera would hurt Europa. Therefore, he transformed into an extraordinary bull in light maroon; its horns looked like the crescent moon and there was a silver ring mark on its forehead.  
Europa found the bull was very tame and she stroked it. The bull lay down comfortably and Europa was attracted by its broad back. Europa was seduced and she climbed upon its back. Suddenly, the bull rose up before Europa could say anything to her friends and ran to the sea and swam with her on its back; the sea gods appeared to send their greetings.
From what happened, Europa guessed that the bull must be a god and she asked him not to abandon her in the strange land far away from home. At this time, Zeus revealed his true identity and confessed to her.
Finally, Europa got married with Zeus in Crete and gave birth to three sons. In memory of this, Zeus put the image of the bull in the sky, thus the Taurus.
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