Taurus Woman

Unlike other girls who are superficial, Taurus girls are down-to-earth and cultivated. They are steady, persistent and fond of collection, pursue the sensual pleasures and know how to enjoy life. However, they lack of courage to accept new things, refuse to change, adhere to old habits and tend to fill the inner emptiness with the pretty look.

Generally, Taurus girls have a great desire to better themselves throughout the school years. Longing for the recognition of others, they are down-to-earth in study or work and would run the family properly. But they do not know how to camouflage and sometimes display their desire obviously, making others feel powerless to render assistance to beautify their image.


Taurus women know it clearly that ''only if you can stand the hardest of hardships can you hope to rise in society''. They are hardworking, intelligent, gifted and know how to strive for a better life on their own. Yearning for good things, they are skilled in arranging life in a pleasant way. Also, they can achieve their goals independently and are ambitious, decisive, good at financial management and lobbying, eloquent and highly competent.


Women of Taurus sign are practical and eager for money. They know what they want and have their own plans for the future. Compared with other zodiac signs, they are more down-to-earth, hardworking, independent and hardy, and this is their greatest strength.


The good-natured Taurus women are easy-going, generous, sincere, mild, and tame, thus seldom make an enemy. No matter at home or in workplace, they can always get along well with others. Soft-hearted, compassionate and patient, female Taureans would offer help to those in trouble.

Good Wife and Good Mother

Taurus housewives can manage their home in perfect order, take good care of their children, cook for their husbands and even get the latter's toothbrush ready. The good-tempered and tolerant Taurus mothers often set a good example for children. They are considerate and are a byword for kindness.


Taurus women practice their own philosophy of life and rarely change their living habits. Being stubborn is the major flaw of women under Taurus sign. Generally speaking, they would hold on to their own views and take no account of how others feel or see. Most of them are bull-headed and stick to what they decided forever.


Taurus girls are so stingy that they would haggle over every ounce when dining with friends and become unhappy if others do not pay for the bill. They are also stingy for their family and often buy something worthless. Above all, they are mean to themselves! Even if they are wealthy and love something, they would be reluctant to buy it.

Blind Faith

Female Taureans come down to earth and work hard, believing that they would make a rise in life one day. Sometimes, it can be a blind faith. For example, they know they are incompetent in something but work hard on it - the extreme behavior would be nothing good but a waste of time and resources. Therefore, sometimes it is good for Taurus women to give up. In daily life, they are suggested to relax and become the real master of life.
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