Taurus Man

Seemingly shy and mature, male Taureans are wild inside despite the simple and honest appearance. Consequently, they are somewhat inconsistent - at least they are different when treat others and when stay alone.

Most of time, Taurus men are unconfident but as long as they accomplish something, they would become proud and look down upon people around, thus always immersed in the conflict between inferiority and self-conceit. For men under the Taurus sign, romance shall be subject to their life. Only if a relationship brings them the sensual pleasure can they make it happen. But once the pleasure disappears, they would wake up from it. Generally, male Taureans are responsible for family.

Affectionate and Constant in Love

In daily life, male Taurus people are not talkaholic but quite constant in love, which defines them as good men. They are so affectionate and constant that as long as they get married, they would live together till old and grey. This kind of attitude towards love is very admirable since nowadays many men are very fickle in love. It is touching for Taurus men to be constant.

Confident and Responsible

The confidence of Taurus men is from their achievements in work. The excellent competence and financial management ability bring them joy and pride. Due to their creative vision, they are believed to succeed when they choose to start a business. At the same time, men of Taurus sign are highly responsible both in career and love relationship. They seek the sense of security in life, carry out their tasks with drive and sweep in work yet are slow when romantically involved. In their opinion, only the long-term relationship can last unswervingly. After getting married, they are willing to be good husbands, take responsibility for family, manage money matters and run the family properly.


The inflexible male Taureans have original ideas in finance and boast the bounding thinking. They seldom change their minds after making a decision. Before working on something, they would consider thoroughly and make a perfect plan to carry on step by step.

Stubborn and Conservative

Taurus men tend to be conservative, stubborn and one-track-minded, thus regarded as the inflexible diehard. Once they are determined, they would not change their mind no matter how others persuade. Because of stubbornness, they suffer a lot. When someone reminds them kindly, they would remain the same, making people cannot help but sigh.

Mean and Picky

Men under the Taurus sign are mean and less generous for everything and everyone and they consider it a kind of economizing in life. But it is ridiculous to live like this. Also, they pursue perfection and are picky for people, especially for their girlfriends or lovers. To a certain degree, they are not mean about money but hold grudges. Once someone hurts them intentionally or unintentionally, they would have it in mind. Male Taureans don't mind rekindling lost love and they can hardly forget the old flame. Although they are inclusive and generally yes-man, they can also break out at certain moment.
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