Suitable Jobs for Aquarius by Blood Type

Aquarius is a stickler for perfection. People of this sign have clear goals and can get what they want quickly. For them, spirit is more important than material. What are the ideal jobs for Aquarius by blood type?YourZodiacSign.Com
Aquarius people of blood type A feature the gifted intelligence of Aquarius and the stability of blood type A. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius can keep introducing new ideas and they are seen everywhere in the IT industry, especially technology research and development and program development in which they can do very well. Given to their innovative thinking and persistence, they are suited to the jobs like IT engineer,researcher and developer, advertising creative, designer, academic researcher. Their weakness is that they are soft and less desirable for leadership, thus not so suitable for complete management.

Aquarius people of blood type B are very smart and have a wide range of interests and knowledge. They can be original and agile in everything. Similar to other air signs of B-type blood, they are good at communicating with people and can be good planning, design, and creative personnel. The best choice for them is to work in an environment which allows them to develop freely. Suitable jobs for them include advertising creatives, journalists, screenwriters, hair stylists, marketing promotors, meteorologists, photographers, painters, fashion designers, home designers, car designers, and more. The weakness of Aquarius of blood type B is that they cannot be limited to a fixed pattern, or fail to find the most suitable direction due to the wide interests, or sometimes lose the support of others due to the extreme ideas.

Aquarius people of blood type O are active and have both creativity and leadership, thus suited to take charge of IT development or other creative teams that enable them to create a free atmosphere and integrate the opinions of all parties. Being good at accepting new ideas and suggestions, they can be leaders welcomed by young people. Similar with the O-type Libra and Gemini, they also fit for professions requiring active communication, such as sales and public relations.

Aquarius people of blood type AB are cool-headed, of wide hobbies, easy-going and not picky, yet tend to abandon the old for the new and change frequently. Basically, blood type AB and Aquarius are somewhat harmonious in personality: the objectivity is emphasized. Similar to Libra of AB type blood, they strive for justice and environmental protection and concern about public benefit and the future development of society. Suitable occupations for them include environmental protection personnel, public welfare propaganda, educators, judges, prosecutors, detectives, academic researchers, IT industry developers, engineers, inventors, writers, etc.
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