Suitable Jobs for Cancer by Blood Type

The honest and just Cancer is the most caring sign and full of maternal nature, whether men or women. Though family-oriented, they can be dedicated to work! Then what are the suitable jobs for Cancer by blood type?YourZodiacSign.Com
Cancer people of blood type A are traditional and conservative, walk the chalk and dislike to change jobs; no matter what career they take, they will work hard and learn how to do it well. Their weakness lies in that they are too sensitive, depressed and vulnerable to great pressure in the complex interpersonal relationships. Therefore, a simple and cheerful working environment is very important for Cancer of blood type A. Cancerians of blood type A who have expertise or professional skills will feel much free and think it is less important to make a fortune. The ideal jobs for Cancer people of blood type A include paperwork, general management, secretary, technician, accountant, housewife and so on.

Cancer people of blood type B vary from other signs of the same blood type in that they try to adapt themselves to jobs they dislike. Being kind-hearted and good-natured, they like to offer help and take care of people; jobs that bring out the best in them would be better, such as general affairs officer at school, logistics manager, pediatrician, preschool teacher, psychological consultant, welfare and charity staff, and repairman. The weakness of Cancerians of blood type B is that they are sometimes emotional but the bad mood can always be fixed quickly.

Cancer people of blood type O are thoughtful and considerate for others and have certain leadership which is however often ignored early in the career. Though they often keep a low key and are poor at displaying, they are convincing in one-to-one deep communication and fit to investment analysis, psychological counseling, social welfare, teaching, technical work and so on. As they grow old, they can be the model and leader in the field engaged.

Cancer people of blood type AB are delicate and diligent and they strive to meet the needs of society; they would like to pay for certain return, even if it is just the verbal affirmation. Good at gauging people's mind and with a keen perception, they are able to hide away the great emotion changes. If Cancerians of blood type AB fail to get the expected recognition from work, they can be frustrated and find it hard to insist. For them, the ideal jobs shall give play to their sensitivity and capacity for industry and thrift, such as financial staff, event planning, marketing, charity and welfare staff, and businessmen.
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