Suitable Jobs for Sagittarius by Blood Type

Sagittarius people are not perfect. It can be even more complicated to tell their personality when combined with blood type. Then, what are the ideal jobs for Sagittarius by blood type?YourZodiacSign.Com
Sagittarius people of blood type A, similar with Aries of the same blood, look quiet yet dislike the depressed and dull jobs. They'd like to be free to go out and move around rather than stay in the office all day or bear too much stress, thus not suitable for developing work. Jobs like cashiers, salespersons, drivers, translators, etc. are appropriate to them.

Sagittarius people of blood type B are very energetic, interesting and sociable. With an excellent ability of independent expansion, they dislike the serious working environment with too many restrictions. For them, the jobs which have a certain degree of freedom, enrich their knowledge and need more business trips are their favorite. For example, they will enjoy working as fashion buyer, journalist, crew, tour guide, aircraft captain, coach driver and flight attendant, and would never be tired of the business trip. If Sagittarius of blood type B have to stay in the office all day, they would go crazy. Although extroverted, they are not suitable for stressful work like marketing which requires patience.

Sagittarius people of blood type O, with a wide range of interests, often find it hard to settle down in a direction desired in youth. Communication and efficiency are their strengths. They never do things sloppily and can communicate well with both superior and subordinate. Similar with Librans of blood type O, they fit public relations, sales, assistant and professions alike. Besides, they are suggested to overcome the shortcomings of being impatient and afraid of enduring hardships.

Sagittarius people of blood type AB feature a contradictory temperament: the rational and calm side of blood type AB in conflict with the impulsive and passionate side of Sagittarius. The careful and sophisticated side of blood type AB can make up for the carelessness of Sagittarius while the passion and confidence of Sagittarius can make up for the suspicion and poor affinity of blood type AB to achieve a kind of balance. The common feature of Sagittarius and blood type AB lies in the excellent philosophy and outlook on life. As a result, Sagittarius of blood type AB can be good philosophers, educators, writers or commentators, or practice the philosophical ideas in life to achieve something in many fields.
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