Suitable Jobs for Scorpio by Blood Type

Scorpios are good at setting and pursuing goals in career and they are very persistent. The single-minded Scorpio people are confident, determined and motivated, and never allow themselves to fail. Read and find out the ideal jobs for Scorpios by different blood types.YourZodiacSign.Com
Scorpio people of blood type A, with acute perception and strong foresight, would think carefully about everything and set high demand for themselves yet are poor at self-expression. In general, they are less eye-catching in the crowd and suited to plan behind the scenes rather than take jobs that are too extroverted and changeable.

Scorpio people of blood type B have great intuition. If the liveliness and affinity of blood type B can combine with the calmness and subtlety of Scorpio, they would not look so cold and can make some achievements easily. For Scorpios of blood type B, there are too many suitable professions to list. Their weakness lies in that they tend to be impulsive emotionally but can restrain properly most of the time.

Scorpio people of blood type O feature great insight and intuition as well as good management and execution. They are bold and careful, and can start their own business after accumulating certain experience. Young Scorpios of blood type O work very hard and would cherish every single opportunity; they are not so picky and can adapt to any industry quickly. However, they are flawed by too much thinking and emphasis on interpersonal stress, causing unnecessary annoyance to themselves; they are suggested to relax and simplify.

Scorpio people of blood type AB have a strong sense of responsibility. Scorpio's persistence can make up for the lack of consistency of blood type AB. Once Scorpios of blood type AB find the favorite direction, they would become workaholics yearning for the absolute leading position in the field, and find it easier to become the industry leader. The Achilles' heel of this combination is that, they like to remain mysterious and keep distance, and lack a certain sense of intimacy, thus unsuited to do sales, PR and other jobs which are too outgoing.
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