Cancer - 2nd Decan (July 2 - July 12)

Ruler: Mars
Source of Motivation: Discovery

Cancers Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Cancer guys born during July 2 - July 12 are smart, flexible and energetic, and they have great potential in many aspects of talent, among which their ability in psychology and frontier disciplines are more prominent. Their ways of thinking are directly governed by intuition and fantasy. Both their sense of joy and sense of anxiety are very strong. They are kind-hearted, frank, sincere and humorous, and they would demonstrate excellent endurance and creativity for the career and undertakings that they are willing to engage in. They like travel, adventure, nostalgia and all kinds of entertainment and recreational activities.

Their personal ruling planet is Mars, and Mars usually represents combat effectiveness. Although their dominant personal ruling planet and guardian ruler are the Moon, the influence of Mars makes them more decisive, and they also show strong dislike and dissatisfaction with many annoying things. They are not as forgiving and tolerant as other Cancers. However, Cancers born during this period are quite versatile, talented and eloquent. They can use their eloquence to enhance and improve their work performance.

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