Leo – 1st Decan (July 23 - July 31)

Ruler: Sun
Source of Motivation: Explosive Strength

Leos First Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Leos born during July 23 to July 31 are relatively mild-tempered. They are not so tough, but they still have a tendency to be hyperactive. They have an artistic talent, and are very keen on observing things in the world. They are with kind of philosophical character and are very good at psychoanalysis. However, Leos born during this period often regret after they have made the decisions. For them, in order to make great decisions right now, they must collect some information first, which is what they deem as the most important and necessary matter.

Their personal ruling planet is the Sun, which greatly stimulates and stirs the physical and mental activities. The dual influence by the Sun physically and mentally renders them a tendency to like change and reform. Although being a little timid by nature, they are cheerful and mild in character and show a kind of inborn enthusiasm and the ability to influence others. The Sun will bring them good fortune.
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