Cancer - 3rd Decan (July 13 - July 22)

Ruler: Jupiter and Neptune
Source of Motivation: Imagination

Cancers Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Cancer born during July 13 - July 22 are mild-tempered and romantic. They are visionaries who are unwilling to be innovative in the practical aspects. They desire to embrace life with passion and boldness. They are pleasant, warm and hospitable, and are willing to use their best endeavor to fight for the people they admire. Living in a simple way, they enjoy the occurrence of unexpected things and the constant change in life around them.

Their personal ruling planet is a combination of Jupiter and Neptune, which are indeed are conflicted with each other at the same time. Jupiter represents good luck and fortune, and Neptune symbolizes the spiritual level. Therefore, they often have inexplicable good fortune. Because they value the spiritual interaction and the soul, their partners must also give prominence to and spiritual interaction and the soul. The stuffs they buy must be of high-quality and inexpensive, yet of artistic taste, rather than just because they are cheap. Cancers born during this period demand both practical and artistic value. As such, they tend to be a little bit picky!

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