6 Obvious Signs That a Gemini in Love with You

When people fall in love, they would show the different side. Some become incoherent while some may blush. Then how to determine whether a Gemini is in love with you?YourZodiacSign.Com

Say Yes and Mean No

One of the features of Gemini in love is that they usually say yes and mean no. When a Gemini really loves you, he/she would become very strange and this is a way he/she expresses love. For example, he/she sometimes acts against you or refuses your request on purpose to get your attention. If your Gemini always bullies you, it means he/she must be very in you.

Smile at You

Gemini is a very emotional sign. If a Gemini really loves you, he/she would smile at you whenever seeing you and look a little shy. This is a sign that he/she loves you and most people would have this sign when they fall in love. It is sweet and happy to see beloved ones, so smile is just a natural expression.

Keep an Eye on You

If a Gemini is really in you, he/she would keep an eye on you, follow all of your updates, including joy, anger, sorrow and happiness and change his/her mood with you. Even if you don't get in touch, he/she would reach out of you by talking, calling or texting messages, and feel relieved and secure once he/she hears your voice and knows your news.

Act Like a Spoiled Child

A Gemini would act like a spoiled child once falling in love. Perhaps he/she never acts like this but changes when he/she really falls for you. If your Gemini often acts like a spoiled child in front of you, he/she must be very in you.

Love Being with You

If a Gemini falls for you, he/she would like to be with you all the time and give up all activities and parties to stay with you or just sit quietly. In fact, this is one way Geminians showing love.

Share Personal Stories

Another way to tell whether your Gemini loves you is to see whether he/she tells stories. It does not mean to tell Grimm's Fairy Tales or so at bedtime but to share his/her childhood, personal stories or things about his/her friends and family. This is a way he/she shows his/her trust and love for you.
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