7 Obvious Signs That a Virgos in Love with You

The vast majority of Virgos are obsessive-compulsive and picky about everything based on their own standards. In fact, Virgo people also can be careful and gentle and it is the carefulness that leads to the obsessive-compulsive side! When Virgos fall in love, they would be completely different from what they are used to be and no longer so obsessive-compulsive. Then, what are the signs that a Virgo have a crush on you?YourZodiacSign.Com

Very Tender

Virgos, seem like a cold fish, may be indifferent and unresponsive to anybody, since they are not closely related and there is no need to give more thought about the latter. Once a Virgo falls for you, however, he/she can be very tender to you and even show more patience to strangers because you have softened him/her.

Express in a Veiled Way

Although people under the Virgo sign would like to show the better side in front of their loved ones, it can be difficult for them to say ''I love you'', as Virgos are face-saving and afraid of the awkwardness if they are rejected. When a Virgo has a crush on you, he/she would express it in a veiled and ambiguous way, making you wonder whether he/she is really in you or you are just flattering yourself!

Lack of Self-confidence

Virgos are not confident in front of their crush, though they think they are awesome and totally dismissive of others in daily life due to the big gap in their opinion. If a Virgo loves you, he/she will only be angry with himself/herself, and think you will love him/her if he/she could be more hard-working and better at the beginning. Virgos really can get depressed about this.

Depend on You

Virgos are usually very independent, and no matter what happens, they are strong enough to fix it and would not back off but make it to the end even if the solution is not solved. Once they fall in love, however, they could be dependent since the strong and brave Virgos also need a warm place to rest when they are tired. When you are loved by a Virgo, he/she will take you as the right one to rely on and to follow quietly, which will make him/her feel quite secure.

Trust You Unconditionally

Virgo people, whether serious or picky, are the most vigilant of the twelve signs. They consider a lot and never trust anyone readily. That is why they often feel bitter inside. When a Virgo falls in love with you, however, he/she will be dependent on you, trust you unconditionally and stand by your side no matter what you do.

Pay for You Silently

Virgo is a careful and considerate sign which works hard and insists on. Your Virgo lover will be very good to you and pay for you silently to make you feel warm and sweet, because he/she is not skilled in speaking sugared words.

More Critical of You

Virgos can't change their critical personality even if romantically involved or completely accept their lover's flaws. Your Virgo lover may think you are flawed in many aspects and even wonder why there is such a terrible person in the world; but if you are not there, he/she will find life is boring. So, Virgos can detest and love someone deeply at the same time. In fact, they are more demanding to their intimate ones and would not care about those not related!
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