7 Obvious Signs That a Scorpio in Love with You

Scorpios are warm, earnest, modest, easygoing and easy to approach. In daily life, they are nice persons with many close friends and a great number of people would choose them as a mate. What are the clear signs when a Scorpio loves you?YourZodiacSign.Com

Become Shy

Seemingly very natural and poised, Scorpio people usually come straight to the point without the slightest hesitation but become shy in front of the one they love and even dare not to approach the latter. They are thick-skinned enough to make fun of yet act like a little fool in the face of real love, which is quite funny. They would not say too much but use action to express their heart. If a Scorpio is quite shy in front of you, he/she is very likely in love with you.

Keep an Eye on You

Scorpios would pay attention to what they care about rather than spend a lot of time on useless things. For the people they love, they would keep an eye out and record carefully. If a Scorpio follows every of your update silently but never gives a like or comments, he/she must have fallen for you.

Ask about Your Preferences

If a Scorpio loves you, he/she will make use of every single opportunity to chat with you and ask about what you like to eat and to play. In fact, he/she is doing this on purpose - later, he/she can use the information learned to please you and to give you pleasant surprises.

Take the Initiative to Get Close to You

A Scorpio in love with you will find any possible way to get close to you and wherever you appear, he/she will come. For example, when you are at a party, he/she will also come and dress up as long as he/she knows. Also, he/she will give you multiple looks to make you feel his/her presence, and this is his/her special way to win your love.

Dress Up

If you want to tell whether a Scorpio is in love with you, just check if he/she is dressed up every time you two meet. Usually Scorpios will dress up for who they love so that their lover will pay more attention to them. When they meet the ordinary friends, they would not care about personal image; but if they are to meet their crush, they would dress up and perform actively to be noticed.

Come into Contact with Your Friends

Once a Scorpio falls in love with you, he/she will come into contact with your friends and you may find all your girlfriends and lads are nobbled by him/her.

Boss You into Doing Things

People whose sign is Scorpio are not arrogant and they would use a very kind attitude rather than a tough tone to ask others for help. But when a Scorpio is romantically involved with you, he/she would be not so kind to you and even boss you into doing things in order to hide his/her heart from others.
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