6 Obvious Signs That a Leo in Love with You

Leo, seemingly a little hard-hearted, shows it clearly if he/she loves you. Following are obvious signs that a Leo have a crush on you. YourZodiacSign.Com

Make a Difference between You and Friends

When a Leo is in love with someone, everyone can see it clearly. He/she can be very bossy to others but behaves like a spoiled kitten in front of you. If you find a Leo treats you differently with others, he/she must be in love with you. People of Leo sign are so possessive that they can be in low spirits when their lovers talk a bit more with others. Since they are concerned about face-saving and jealous, Leos may keep smiling broadly even if they already get angry inside.

Fight on Despite Repeated Setbacks

When Leo persons have a crush on someone, they would tell it directly and cannot pretend that nothing has happened because Leos can't help smiling whenever they see the loved ones. As a result, Leo's mind is known to everyone even if it is not told and they think it will be better to speak out directly, by which they might be loved more. Leo, on the other hand, doesn't really care about your attitude if he/she really loves you. Even if you say no, he/she will fight on despite repeated setbacks and continue to show his/her love.

Do Something He/She Dislikes for You

No one can push the Leo people to do something they dislike. Seemingly soft-tempered, Leos actually have a personality. They are pretty rebellious and only do what they want to do. Once romantically involved, however, they would do anything, even if those things they dislike before, for their loved ones as long as they are asked to. They take such a proactive attitude to please their loved ones.

Be Bothered by Love

The cheerful Leos are jovial every day and bring fun to people around. Even if they are chewed out by the superior, they would not take it so seriously but mix with other colleagues after that. Once a Leo falls in love with you, he/she can be very emotional and bothered by the love affairs. If you smile to him/her, he/she can be happy all the day. But if you gives him/her a hard time, he/she will be very depressed.

Often Speak for You

Leo people's bark is worse than their bite. If a Leo loves you, he/she will watch your words and deeds and keep an eye on every topic about you. If someone says something bad about you in front of him/her, he/she must be the first one who stands out to retort, explain for you and maintain your image.

Pay More Attention to Details

Leos are generally casual and less careful. Once a Leo falls for you, however, he/she can be different and become more careful and concerned about how you feel. For example, he/she will take the initiative to protect you by the side when you walk together and take good care of you when with you. Also, he/she would bring up subjects about you for better understanding.
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