Suitable Jobs for Libra by Blood Type

Libra is a very unique sign which has a wide variety of careers to choose from. However, the job options vary by their blood types.YourZodiacSign.Com
Libra people of blood type A are the most diligent of the same sign. They've always been mild, modest, fair and very concerned about the views of other people, because they want to get social recognition. For this reason, Librans of blood type A always hope to do things satisfying everyone; hence they work very hard and learn a lot of relevant knowledge to do things well, which is quite admirable. The ideal jobs include teacher, engineer, accounting, housewife, clerk, nurse, operator, translator, beautician, makeup artist, pharmacist, actor, judge and so on. In consideration of their gentle and passive personality, however, they are less suitable for leading and dominant work in these occupations.

Librans of blood type B are sociable, eloquent and capable in convincing people. Their versatile character makes them good diplomats, business people in various industries, salespersons, receptionists, company or government spokespersons, flight attendants, hotel waiters, hair stylists, stylists and so on, as these jobs are extroverted and enable them to communicate with people and give play to their strengths in coordinating the relationships required by the work. If combined with their artistic talents, Libra people of blood type B also fit to be actors, writers, art designers, painters and so on which are flawed by less power and desire for leadership.

Librans of blood type O feature excellent balance and leadership and they can be very thoughtful leaders. Younger Librans of blood type O are suitable to work in sales, public relations, senior secretaries, assistants, tour guide, etc. that require good communication both internally and externally; older Librans of blood type O can develop into management. Libra people of blood type O are flawed by hypocrisy and sometimes they pretend that everything is going well due to the pursuit of reaching every aspect of a matter. In that regard, they are suggested to learn the mighty side of Leo with the same blood type and to express the inner ideas bravely if necessary.

Libra people of blood type AB enjoy great popularity and they are very warmhearted, interesting and charming! It is easier for them to succeed in entertainment or communication related occupations. With a strong sense of objectivity and rationality, they think calmly and strive for fairness and justice for everything. Judicial work will be a nice choice if they are fine with the serious working environment. They can choose, for example, to be a judge, prosecutor, policeman, industry supervisor, lawyer, etc. as a job. Librans of blood type AB are flawed by the over emphasis on objectivity, rationality and balance, which makes them almost inhuman.
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